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Exercise 1: What is your role

Once seeing this title I would have quickly just said

“That’s easy, Illustrator”
Now I feel it isn’t so black and white anymore, so much more to book than pretty illustrations.

The first thing I wanted to do is understand the all the roles, get a good overview of roles within creating a book, if not just for this project but future projects as well.

I think my route in book design will follow more closely with that of model 2 publishing process.

Artist/Designer/Author – Publisher – Editor – Production – Printer – Distribution – retail.

Book Editor
Roles –
Assistant Editor /junior Editor
Editor / Senior Editor
Managing Editor / Editorial manager / Editorial Director

Design (Model 1 – but still like to explore this role)
Roles –
Design Assistant / Junior Designer
Designer / senior Designer
Head of design / Art Director

(Publishing runs smoothly from beginning to end)
Publishing assistant / operations assistant
Production controller / production specialist
Head of operations / Operations Manager

(Understand the book market, know how to find readers)
Sales Assistant
Sales Executive / senior sales Execrative / Sales Manager
Head of Sales / Sales Director

Marketing & Publicity
(Connecting books to potential readers – and how to reach the audiences via advertising, meeting people in media / tour with authors)
Marketing and publicity assistant
Marketing Executive / Senior Marketing Executive
Publicist / Senior Publicist
Head of marketing and publicity / Marketing & Publicity manager / Marketing and Publicity Director.

(Getting the books out, from warehouse to retailers)
Distribution Operations Director

Indie publishing reality means most of these roles fall upon me, as the only area I plan to source out is printing.


This exercise gave me a reality check just how much work can go into a book.
Also awareness of the type of people I will be dealing with everyday if I was to go into creative book design as a career.
Also makes me keen to complete my entry for Penguin student book design contest as the winner wins an short internship with the publisher (means can see all this in action and person)

Research, references and credits


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